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New HFC Cutters by LMT Tools: The Future of High Feed Milling

With its new HFC family, LMT Tools takes high feed milling to the next level. The High Feed Cutters are…

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Nord Delivers Drive Technology for End-of-Line Packaging

End-of-line packaging processes can include heavy loads, high forces, and long travel distances. While drives with centrally controlled servomotors are…

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Gear Machine

NORD offers Complete System Solutions for Drive System Requirements

Please tell us a bit about your company With approximately 5,000 employees worldwide, NORD develops & produces a market driven…

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SEW-Eurodrive Expands Motor Portfolio

In yet another sustainable and energy-saving motor variant, SEW-Eurodrive is expanding its comprehensive portfolio to include new motors for purely…

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Customized Gearboxes

Features: Made utilizing certified raw materials and in accordance with client’s specifications while adhering to international quality standards. Heat treatment…

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High-Performance Tech for In-House Excellence

UCAM-Nimble Machines has launched a line-up of CNC Gear Hobbing Machines, to boost the country’s Make In India initiative With…

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Drop-in replacement gearboxes for all brands

Helical gearbox Please tell us a little about your company and its expertise. ESENPRO, a brand of ESENPRO Power Transmission…

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DBS delivers final phase of purpose-built state-of-the-art facility in Jyväskylä, Finland

David Brown Santasalo is pleased to announce the completion of the final phase of the construction works to our brand-new,…

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Anand Gears Provides Gearbox Solutions

By successfully combining industry knowledge with advanced technologies, Anand Gears has been providing design and production solutions suited to the…

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