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Exploring the Future of Gear Engineering: GTI Volume 2 Issue 2–2024

In the ever-evolving landscape of gear engineering, staying abreast of the latest advancements is crucial for industry professionals. Gear Technology…

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AMC Introduces All in One Servo Drive

Advanced Motion Controls (AMC) is proud to announce the release of the FE060-25-IPM FlexPro series servo drive. This drive is…

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Grinding with Galvanically Bonded CBN Tools

Fig. 1: External cycloid machining on the KAPP NILES Gear Centre KX 300 P © KAPP NILES By: Klaus Bauer…

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Empowering Excellence in Gear Manufacturing through Training and Workforce Development

The current landscape of the gear manufacturing industry is characterized by dynamic market trends, technological advancements, and notable challenges in…

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Ball Screw – Concepts, Invention, and Working Principle

Are you looking for mechanical components for converting rotary motion into linear motion with high efficiency without compromising precision? Then…

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NKE Austria GmbH Presents Bearings for Railway Applications

NKE Austria GmbH presents its bearings for railway applications. The bearings are used in traction motors and locomotive gearboxes as…

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Miki Pulley CSZ Clutches Provide Smooth Conveying Solutions

Conveying parcel delivery with no system downtime is accomplished with speed and accuracy using Miki Pulley CSZ Clutches. Conveyors continuously…

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Zero-Max Overhung Load Adaptors Fill Industry Voids

When fluid power and power transmission products are discontinued, finding replacements can be challenging. Zero-Max now fills this Overhung Load…

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Titanium Machining—Special Materials for Complete Machining

In recent years titanium 3.7165 has become prevalent among lightweight materials as a material with outstanding properties, especially in the…

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