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Dillon Claw Jaws Securely Grip Workpiece for More Aggressive Turning

Dillon Manufacturing’s Claw Jaws boast an optimized contour that, in conjunction with the jaw’s weight, center of gravity, and cutting…

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Big Daishowa introduces the C3 series of Big Capto tool holders

Big Daishowa has launched the C3 program, an extension of the Big Capto tool holder range designed to enhance efficiency…

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Bonded Abrasives in Gear Industries: Perfecting Surface Grinding

By: Sushmita Das Bonded abrasives play an important role in the precision-driven world of gear manufacturing. Gear industries rely on…

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Generating and Profile Grinding in Gear Manufacture

KAPP NILES Generating Grinding Machine KX 260 DYNAMIC with pick-up axis © Martin Witzsch Generating grinding with dressable tools is…

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Key Basic Conditions in the Gear Shaving Process to Achieve Finish Gear Component Quality

By: Ravi Naik Material Input Condition of CNC Blank: The material of the CNC blank with microstructure should be a…

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Gear Hobbing Machine HLC 150 H from EMAG Koepfer

The fact that electric cars don’t have any transmissions (apart from the sometimes-indispensable differential) is just a legend – but…

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GF Machining Solutions Expands Customer Digital Assistance with New My rConnect Platform

To ensure all customers and their machines benefit from digital assistance, GF Machining Solutions (GFMS) has launched their new My…

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CoroCut 2 Offers Versatile Parting and Grooving to Stay on Track: Processes

Cutting tool and tooling system specialist Sandvik Coromant is upgrading its long-established CoroCut 1-2 parting and grooving concept. Improved stability,…

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Gear Manufacturing in the Digital Age: Harnessing 3D Scanning and Digitization

By: Nishant Kashyap 3D scanning is a cutting-edge technology that involves capturing the physical shape and dimensions of objects in a three-dimensional…

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