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Post Event Report: IPTEX & GRINDEX 2024

Post Event Report: IPTEX & GRINDEX 2024

IPTEX & GRINDEX-2024, held at the Auto Cluster Exhibition Centre in Pune, Maharashtra, marked a significant milestone in the advancement of manufacturing technology in India. This three-day event showcased cutting-edge gear technology, power transmission innovations, and surface grinding advancements, positioning India as a key player in the global manufacturing landscape. The event also featured the inaugural Gear Technology India Summit and an awards ceremony, highlighting the excellence and achievements within the Indian gear industry. It served as a testament to the gear industry’s resilience, creativity, and dedication to pushing the boundaries of innovation and excellence. Over three days, the exhibitors and the visitors showed immense interest in exploring the industrial innovation and were impassioned to learn from the experts around.

Exhibition Highlights
The event boasted the participation of over 70 exhibitors from 10 different countries, showcasing the latest innovations in gears, mechanical power transmission, and surface grinding technology.
Industry giants such as Kapp Niles, Reishauer AG, Proteck Machinery, Matrix Coventry, Nimble Machines, and Tyrolit were among the notable exhibitors, demonstrating a comprehensive display of cutting-edge technologies. The exhibition attracted a diverse audience, with over 3,000 business visitors representing various sectors in manufacturing, including aerospace, automobile, defence equipment, marine, power generation, steel, and cement industries.

Gear Technology India Summit 2024
A significant component of the event was the debut edition of the Gear Technology India Summit-2024, organised in collaboration with the American Gear Manufacturers Association (AGMA).
This pioneering summit served as a crucial platform for knowledge exchange among industry experts, featuring panel discussions and seminars covering various aspects of the gear industry.
Experts discussed topics such as the latest trends in gear manufacturing, the role of gears in the EV sector, the application of artificial intelligence in the gear industry, and concepts related to gear design and development. There were also presentations by industry experts on the role of gear oil technology, fundamentally the role of lubrication for seamless industrial operations in the manufacturing sectors. The summit witnessed a good participation of industry experts and students from mechanical engineering backgrounds showing their keen interest in learning from the presenters who shared invaluable knowledge during the Gear Technology India Summit.


Awards Ceremony
The second day of the exhibition featured India’s inaugural gear industry business excellence and achievement awards ceremony. Manufacturers and vendors gathered to celebrate their remarkable efforts and contributions to the Indian gear industry. Awards were presented under distinct categories, including excellence in design and development, manufacturing, cutting tools and innovation, heat treatment, servicing and testing, and social commitment.

IPTEX & GRINDEX-2024 was a grand success, underscoring India’s ascent in manufacturing excellence and technological innovation. The event provided a platform for industry leaders to showcase their latest offerings, exchange knowledge, and celebrate achievements within the gear industry. Exhibitors expressed satisfaction with the expo, highlighting its role in fostering collaboration and driving advancements in gear technology. As India continues to strengthen its position in the global manufacturing landscape, events like IPTEX & GRINDEX play a pivotal role in shaping the future of the industry.

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