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Customized Gearboxes

Customized Gearboxes


Made utilizing certified raw materials and in accordance with client’s specifications while adhering to international quality standards.

Heat treatment performed in well-calibrated furnaces to reduce distortion level.

To ensure superior dimensional accuracy, gear cutting and thread grinding are done using specialized and precise machines.

Spiro Gears manufactures customized gearboxes in accordance with client designs and specifications


Gear Box with single-stage to 3-stage reduction can be manufactured and delivered.

Our gearboxes are highly recognized and favored by the customers because of easy installation, low noise level and better results.

Assembly of the gearbox is done using proper fixtures to ensure proper fitments of gears, shafts, and bearings to maintain uniform backlash and smooth running of gears.

About the company

Spiro gears, an ISO 9001- 2015 company manufactures a wide variety of spiral bevel, spur, helical gears and shafts – hobbed, shaved, and ground quality for Earthmoving equipment, Textile machinery, Agricultural machinery, Gearboxes, Machine tools, printing machinery and many more. We also made customized gearboxes as per clients’ specifications.

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