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The decentralised frequency inverter NORDAC ON – now with extended power range

The decentralised frequency inverter NORDAC ON – now with extended power range

With its NORDAC ON/ON+ decentralised frequency inverters, NORD offers compact and economical plug-and-play solutions for IIoT environments

NORD DRIVESYSTEMS specifically developed its decentralised NORDAC ONSK 300P frequency inverters for the requirements of horizontal conveyor technology in intralogistics and warehousing. The inverters are characterised by an integrated Ethernet interface, IIoT capability, full pluggability and a compact design. Now, the power range of the NORDAC ON has been extended to 3 Kw.  The power range of the NORDAC ON decentralised frequency inverter is now extended to 2.6 kW and the NORDAC ON+ to up to 3 kW .

The NORDAC ON frequency inverters are part of the NORD modular system and can be optimally combined with the manufacturer’s motors.

• NORDAC ON was designed for applications with asynchronous motors,
• NORDAC ON+ was designed for the combination with highly efficient IE5+ synchronous motors.

The drives can be used over a wide speed range and thus allow for variant reduction, for example in large intralogistics systems. The NORDAC ON is now designed for power ranges of up to 2.6 kW – the NORDAC ON+ for up to 3 kW. Both have integrated Industrial Ethernet interfaces. The communication protocols, for example Profinet, EtherNet/IP or EtherCAT, can be easily set via parameters. Firmware updates can also be implemented via Ethernet. This makes the NORDAC ON/ON+ frequency inverters optimally suited for integration into IIoT environments. The equipment also includes a diagnostic interface, M12 connections for sensors and actuators and, with the NORDAC ON+, an additional protocol-based encoder interface that is well protected against interference.

Economical plug-and-play solution
The space-saving decentralised inverters can be perfectly integrated into conveyor systems, significantly reducing wiring efforts compared to centralised frequency inverters. Its pluggable connections make the NORDAC ON/ON+ an economic plug-and-play solution for intralogistics applications. The inverters are suitable for direct motor mounting or for wall mounting.

As with all NORD frequency inverters, the NORDAC ON/ON+ is equipped with a powerful PLC for functions close to the drive. It can process data from connected sensors and actuators, initiate control sequences and communicate drive and application data to the control centre, networked components or to cloud storage.

Optional extensions
The following extensions are available for NORDAC ON inverters: Functional safety functions such as STO, internal braking resistors for dynamic start/stop processes, and an integrated brake control, which controls the motor holding brake without wear and ensures reliable holding of the stop position at standstills, for example in inclined conveyors.

Its temperature tolerances from -30° to +40°C, make the NORDAC ON series also suited for deep-freeze applications.