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Precision Redefined: The VAJRA 130 CNC High Speed Gear Hobbing Machine

Precision Redefined:  The VAJRA 130 CNC High Speed Gear Hobbing Machine

By: Sai Sagar

In an era where precision and speed define manufacturing excellence, Nimble Machines (a strategic business vertical of UCAM Pvt. Ltd.) proudly introduced the VAJRA 130 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine at the

IMTEX 2023 Exhibition.

The VAJRA 130 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine, the latest addition to our product range alongside VAJRA 250 and VAJRA 400, meets the contemporary demand for high-speed hobbing. It features a module capacity of up to 3 and handles diameters of 130mm, positioning it as a leading choice in precision gear manufacturing.

Advanced Features for Unparalleled Precision

Dry hobbing capabilities: Eliminates the need for coolant during the machining process. This not only enhances environmental sustainability but also reduces operational costs for end-users.

Servo tailstock: Ensures precise and automated positioning of the workpiece, reducing the cycle time and contributing to the overall efficiency of gear manufacturing.

Smaller footprint: Minimizes floor space, ensuring an ergonomic layout for seamless operation

Gearbox Technology: Implements Electronic GearBox (EGB) for enhanced efficiency

Precision Casting: Utilizes Epoxy Filling Casting for improved stability and durability

Automated Loading System: Includes an Indexing type ringloader for component loading/unloading and Component magazine for continuous component feeding.

Unveiling Unprecedented Speed for Peak Performance

Central to the VAJRA 130’s superiority is its remarkable speed, driven by advanced features such as direct-driven high-speed spindles. With a spindle speed reaching an impressive 4500 rpm and a table capable of up to 450 rpm, this machine surpasses traditional counterparts, translating to faster production cycles without compromising precision. The direct-driven high-speed spindles contribute to excellent performance in both wet and dry hobbing processes. The implications of such speed extend to a broad range of applications, with a special emphasis on precision components like steering pinions among other automotive gears.

Conclusion: Elevating Manufacturing Excellence

The VAJRA 130 CNC Gear Hobbing Machine is not merely an addition to our product line; it represents our commitment to the gear manufacturing technology. Its compact design, innovative features, and unparalleled speed collectively position it as an industry game-changer. Whether you are a seasoned industry player seeking efficiency enhancements or a newcomer aiming to set new standards, the VAJRA 130 promises to elevate your gear manufacturing processes.