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JTEKT launches FH5000-series Horizontal Machining Center

JTEKT launches FH5000-series Horizontal Machining Center

JTEKT has launched the newest machine-tool in its line-up, the agile FH5000-series Horizontal Machining Center. It was designed and manufactured to cater to several industries such as Automotive, EV, Semiconductor, Construction, Agriculture and General / Precision Engineering. It also works for products such as Robot Arm, Transmission Case, Gear Case, Hydraulic/Pneumatic valves, Die-Mold, Oil Pumps etc.

The machining solution is based on the MATCH concept – match-making our offering to customer’s expectations:

More efficient machining of various parts


* 15,000 RPM (Acceleration: 0.5 sec)

High Torque: 530 N-m


Largest Axis-stroke (X: 800/900 mm, Y: 800 mm, Z: 880 mm) among its class

Largest Work envelope [Ø900 (dia) x 1100 (height)]

Max load on pallet: 1000 kg

Fastest Table indexing: 0.7 sec (500 kg), 1 sec (1000 kg) with a DD Motor

High precision indexing with zero backlash & a high-resolution encoder.


* Bed, Column & Table are manufactured in-house for quality control.

Appropriate support for setup work

* Easy programming with Simple, Safe & Connectable CNC-TOYOPUC Touch.

* Equipped with Touch Magazine Operation Panel as standard.


Thermal Matrix design error reduction

Chip removal more quickly and thoroughly

[Double Center Trough]

Chip disposal area increased by 70% resulting in 50% reduction of chip collection time.

[APC Cover]

Chip scatter area is minimized due to optimized APC-cover design eliminating dead space & significantly reducing the flow of chip coolant.

High-performance by smart stable operation

* Better Visualization of Operations (Tool Status, Feed, Speed, Process status) with TOYOPUC Touch

Initiatives for Carbon Neutrality

JTEKT’S products & technologies are directly or indirectly linked to environmental improvement along with the customer’s products & manufacturing processes.

 Energy Visualization

 Adoption of energy-saving products

 Reduction of operating energy

 Power Reduction of non-cutting time (Sleep-IN & Wake-UP mode)

Inheriting reliability and technology, JTEKT has developed an affordable high-quality, cost-competitive product with enhanced functionality.

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