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Heavy-Duty Solid End Milling with Superior Performance

Heavy-Duty Solid End Milling with Superior Performance

CoroMill Plura HD is Sandvik Coromant’s first-choice optimized solution for heavy-duty applications up to 2×D in steel and stainless steel (ISO P and ISO M), offering safe and efficient solid end milling. The new Zertivo 2.0-coated grade further improves tool life, process security and productivity. The new grades enable a 30 percent increase in cutting speed recommendations for the primary ISO P and ISO M application areas, as well as secondary ISO K and ISO S materials, thanks to their optimized flute shape, which offers effective chip evacuation. The grades designed for stainless steel machining come in two variants: one with internal coolant for improved temperature control and chip flow, and one without internal coolant. Read more

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