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Tech Innovations

Ruland Offers Beam Couplings for Robotics Applications

Ruland beam couplings are ideal for surgical, warehouse, and industrial robotics due to their increased torque and torsional stiffness and…

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WFL Heavyweight Machining – Process reliability

Higher, faster, further – as the saying goes, but now there’s “longer, wider, heavier”. Industrial requirements are constantly being pushed…

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Heavy-Duty Solid End Milling with Superior Performance

CoroMill Plura HD is Sandvik Coromant’s first-choice optimized solution for heavy-duty applications up to 2×D in steel and stainless steel…

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Mitsubishi Electric Automation Releases CNC Oscillation Cutting Function

An upgraded option of Vibration Cutting Control (VCC) by Mitsubishi Electric Automation was announced. This is done through its hardware…

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Gates Announces Mobile Version of Design Power

The award-winning Gates Design Power now has a mobile version. This launch was announced by Bill Gates. The expanded mobile…

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Setting the performance standard: Gear Skiving with process reliable simulation

LMT Tools supplies high-performance and process-reliable tools for gear skiving. They guarantee top performance in the production of internal and…

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The Move Toward Systematic Design

E-Mobility is changing the gear market at an incredibly rapid pace, and the software is adapting to meet these new…

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Innovation in rotor manufacture

Kapp Niles Rotors are the core component of screw compressors, which are used to discharge air and gases. They are…

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Intelligent generating grinding – quality assurance for e-transmission gears already on board

Martin Witzsch Transmissions for electric cars are much simpler in design than for conventional combustion engines, but place far higher…

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