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At Gear Technology India, we publish articles that focus on all engineering aspects of gears, from the initial design through manufacturing, heat treatment, inspection and end use.

We feature articles that offer solutions to specific design or manufacturing problems or explanations of new technology, techniques, designs or processes. We publish articles that help engineers become more efficient, productive and competitive, whether they are designing gears for use at an OEM or working on the production floor in a gear manufacturing shop.

We also run articles on a regular basis that teach the basics of gear engineering to the next generation of design and manufacturing professionals.

Though Gear Engineering & Manufacturing are our core focus area, We also solicit articles related to Quality, Productivity, Operations & Management and such manufacturing related topics as well.

We are interested in a wide variety of article types, from the very basic to the highly technical, ranging in length from a few paragraphs to 10 pages or more.

We curate and write a variety of articles for our website & for our eMagazine, and we’re always looking for knowledgeable experts who can contribute to or serve as sources we can interview for those articles. To be featured in our many publications or give suggestions about the type of content you are interested in, feel free to contact our editors.