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GF Machining Solutions Expands Customer Digital Assistance with New My rConnect Platform

To ensure all customers and their machines benefit from digital assistance, GF Machining Solutions (GFMS) has launched their new My…

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Bega Special Tools Quick-Heater Can be Used for Mounting, Dismounting, and Pre-Heating

Bega Special Tools introduces a portable multi-purpose induction heater on the North American market. The MF Quick-Heater 3.0-3.5 kW can…

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ANCA MX7 Linear Assists Clortech with Tooling Needs

Founded in 1987 by Clorindo Mattei, Clortech Precision Cutting Tools is a family business with wife Carmela handling bookkeeping, while…

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Role of Material Science in Gear Manufacturing

Material science plays a pivotal role in advancing gear manufacturing influencing aspects from material selection to processing techniques. Efficient gear…

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Grinding with Galvanically Bonded CBN Tools

Fig. 1: External cycloid machining on the KAPP NILES Gear Centre KX 300 P © KAPP NILES By: Klaus Bauer…

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EIFCO’s ‘Make in India’ Triumph in Gear Hobbing Machine Manufacturing

EIFCO, a legacy of precision and innovation since 1958, has emerged as a key player in the gear machine manufacturing…

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Of Custom-Built Gears & Gearbox Manufacturing

Tube Mill Roll Stand Gearbox By: C. Selvaraj What Does Custom-Built Mean? Simply put, they are gearboxes that are tailor-made….

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The Role of Virtual Prototyping in Gear System Design and Manufacturing for E-Mobility

By: Aaron Fagan Apart from what Hollywood’s sound engineers have done to bring the vehicles of science fiction to life…

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Some Mathematical Models in Gear Windage Loss Evaluation: An Application to High Power Gears

By: KP Soundarajan Introduction: In high-speed gearing, one of the known independent power losses is windage. This is an important…

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