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ABB Robotics Extends No-Code Programming Software to Industrial Robots

ABB Robotics Extends No-Code Programming Software to Industrial Robots

ABB Robotics has expanded the capabilities of its Wizard Easy Programming software to encompass not only its collaborative robots but also its six-axis industrial robots equipped with the OmniCore controller. This milestone positions ABB as the pioneer in providing a user-friendly, no-code programming tool for both cobots and six-axis industrial robots. This initiative aims to reduce entry barriers to automation for beginners while offering ecosystem partners and integrators an efficient tool to assist their clients.

Marc Segura, the President of ABB Robotics, emphasizes the importance of addressing industry challenges to foster global robotics automation adoption. By extending the reach of Wizard Easy Programming to encompass six-axis industrial robots, ABB Robotics addresses the need for uncomplicated robot programming software in response to the shortage of skilled labor and the growing demand from manufacturers.

Wizard Easy Programming adopts a graphical, no-code, drag-and-drop programming methodology to simplify the creation of robot applications. This software allows both novice and experienced users to develop applications rapidly, a process that traditionally demands weeks of training and development. Since its initial release in 2020, Wizard Easy Programming has found widespread use in various applications involving ABB’s collaborative robot line-up, including the YuMi, SWIFTI, and GoFa cobot families.

Building robot applications with no prior training

This software empowers operators with no prior training to create robot applications like arc welding or machine tending. It enhances operational flexibility by enabling users to modify existing programs and pre-programmed blocks governing various behaviours, from robot movements to signal instructions and force control, through an intuitive graphical user interface.

Efficient creation of custom code for use case-specific applications 

Wizard Easy Programming includes Skill Creator, a tool designed for system integrators and other experts to efficiently generate customized, application-specific Wizard blocks for their clients. This feature simplifies the creation of specific tasks such as machine tending, welding, and complex applications like medical inspections. Additionally, ecosystem partners developing accessories like grippers, feeders, and cameras can leverage Skill Creator to share product-specific functionalities across different robot types.

This programming tool comes preinstalled on all cobots and new six-axis industrial robots powered by OmniCore, ABB’s advanced robot controller family. The OmniCore controller not only delivers a notable 20 percent energy savings but also future-proofs deployments by providing built-in digital connectivity and over 1,000 scalable functions. Read more

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