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NSK Develops High Speed and High Resistance Ball Screws

NSK has developed HTF-SRM Ball Screws, a high-speed, heat-resistant version of its high-load drive ball screws, ideal for high-cycle, thin-wall…

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Sulzer Boosts Power Infrastructure in China

China is leading the world in the construction of solar, wind and thermal power plants to support its increasing demand…

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Ways to Achieve More Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

5 Ways to Achieve More Sustainable Manufacturing Practices

By: Sushmita Das In recent years, the planet has witnessed various natural calamities due to the exponentially growing manufacturing sector…

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Robotics A Way Ahead: Significance of Automation in the Gear Industry

By: Sushmita Das The persistent need for deburring gears machined from solid stock remains as long as gears are cut…

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Portescap Expands Flat Motor Portfolio

Portescap introduces the latest addition to its flat motor portfolio, the 60ECF brushless DC slotted flat motor. This marks a…

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A New Level of Flexibility in Gear Grinding

Figure 1: KNG 350 flex gear centre KAPP NILES, a globally operating group of companies providing solutions for finishing gears…

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Environmental Concerns and Minimizing Hazards in Gear Manufacturing

By: Sushmita Das It is essential for gear manufacturers to be socially accountable throughout the process of manufacturing gear. This…

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Research & Development Role in Driving Innovation in Gear Manufacturing

By: Nishant Kashyap Research and Development (R&D) plays a pivotal role in the world of gear manufacturing, serving as the…

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Bonded Abrasives in Gear Industries: Perfecting Surface Grinding

By: Sushmita Das Bonded abrasives play an important role in the precision-driven world of gear manufacturing. Gear industries rely on…

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