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Kuka Robotics Announces Injection Engel as a System Partner

Kuka Robotics Announces Injection Engel as a System Partner

Continuing a global relationship that spans more than 20 years, eight-year KUKA Strategic Partner ENGEL, a leader in plastic injection molding machines, technologies, and turnkey solutions, has become a KUKA Robotics System Partner. In its new relationship with KUKA, ENGEL will not only continue to incorporate KUKA robots as standard components in its injection molding solutions but also integrate and retrofit KUKA robotic products into existing plastic injection molding machines and systems.

ENGEL has used hundreds of KUKA robots for upstream and downstream automation of its injection molding machines and cells since establishing its North American presence. The company relies primarily on KUKA’s all-purpose, high-payload QUANTEC, high-powered, low-payload CYBERTEC and versatile medium-payload IONTEC robots, all of which provide 6-axis operation and flexibility to customers for virtually any market segment.

“We want to emphasize that being a preferred partner is more than just a label for us,” said Vanessa Malena, President Americas at ENGEL. “KUKA and ENGEL stand for premium quality products, and our customers will benefit from this longstanding partnership of integrating hundreds of KUKA robots in injection molding cells. Companies that want to increase the automation of their injection molding production, even if they may have little or no experience with robots, will be able to rely on a team of experts from two market leaders who will set them up for success.” 

ENGEL’s integration solutions provide manufacturers who are looking to expand their operations or who have not yet automated their processes a feature-rich system that is easy to use and operate. By using the same controller for the machine and added automation, shops can increase efficiency and productivity with no robotic programming experience. 

“The ability to fully integrate KUKA robots into the ENGEL machine controller has more advantages than optimal communication between injection molding machine and automation,” said ENGEL Vice President of Automation Stefan Aberl. “It is easier and more convenient for operators to work with one controller, and the integration also allows remote access for troubleshooting of complete production cells via just one access device.”

To commemorate its new relationship with KUKA, ENGEL is offering a special automation integration promotion for new and existing customers from May 1, 2024, to April 30, 2025, that includes an additional 12-month warranty that brings the total warranty period to 24 months, free simulations to determine reach, cycle time and feasibility and a 20% discount on maintenance training.