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IMTEX 2019 Preview: Gleason Corporation

IMTEX 2019 Preview: Gleason Corporation

See “Made in India”@IMTEX 2019
Gleason will be exhibiting at IMTEX 2019 Hall 5, Booth A124 from January 24-30 in Bangalore, Karnataka, India.
Exhibition highlights include:

200SVP Plunge Shaving Machine

For medium and high volume gear production features a very rigid shaving head and tailstock design, a modern Siemens control with Gleason software for easy operation, and is available with integrated automation, all in a compact package with a footprint less than 6 m².

300GMS Gear Metrology System

Inspects all types of gears including smaller fine pitch gears as well as gear cutting tools. Inspection methods include surface roughness, CMM, Barkhausen and many more. The 300GMS features high accuracy 3D scanning probes with a broad range of styli, a stylus calibration library, optional automatic probe changer and it comes Closed Loop ready.

Bevel Gear Manufacturing

Gleason bevel gear manufacturing systems are available for many different applications, including the revolutionary Pentac Mono Cutter Head which features one blade type only and longer tool life than ever before.

Tools, Workholding and More

Experience Flex-Grip and Flex-Spand universaal workholding solutions for the manufacturing of prototypes and quickshots and learn about the benefits of Gleason Segmented Collets.

Digital Manufacturing

Digital Manufacturing has many different faces: Learn about Gleason Fingerprint Machine Diagnostics, Gleason Connect Digital Services and Closed Loop Manufacturing Systems.

For more information:

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