Complete Machining of Crankshafts in Small Series

As the energy sector continues to advance, efficient and high-precision methods of producing components are a crucial aspect. One area that requires special attention is the machining of crankshafts. WFL Millturn Technologies is responding to this need by offering ground-breaking solutions for the complete machining of crankshafts in small series.
A Millturn provides the best alternative to conventional production methods for the complete machining of crankshafts, including deep-hole drilling of oil ducts or gearing. Based on many years of experience and the use of flexible and multifunctional complete machining centers, WFL can produce prototypes and small series of crankshafts efficiently. Whether for high productivity rough turning or precision pre-finishing – all crankshaft geometries can be completely machined in a Millturn from WFL. Read more

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